Custom Pet Painting Photo Selection Tips

146Coming up with a photo for custom pet paintings can be hard, to say the least. After all, which of your favorite images is going to reveal your dog or cat in the best possible light? Which picture is going to show the real personality of your best pal?

While some people know, without the need to think about it, which photograph is the one they want, some people don’t. Thus, it is helpful to have a large number of images for the artist to inspect. In an extreme situation the artist can draw from a number of pics to ‘compile’ or put together custom pet portraits.

The first rule when selecting a photo for an artist to work from, then, is never throw away an old Kodak of your pet. And, make sure you have the complete selection on hand for the artist to use. Even an old pet drawing your child might have made might have some use to the painter.

This rule, of not throwing away any photograph, applies to every image you might possess. Okay, the fur shading might not be fantastic in one pic, but the pose might be great. So you pick a good pose, and use the fur shading from another jpeg.

One of the things an artist will always look for is whether the eyes are clean and clear. A far away and fuzzy shot might not show perfectly, crisp eyes, but another photo might do the trick. This is a classic case of two images being brought together to make the perfect blend which results in the best possible painting of your buddy.

Here are a few things I have found useful over my years of painting. A picture of a pet with a son or daughter in it…it is possible to ‘delete’ the child and focus on that loving look in your cat or dog’s eyes. Or, a distant photo, when zoomed and cropped for a close up, might reveal enough detail for the artist.

Another thing that frequently comes up is an off center image. With today’s wonderful computers one can easily center and focus. This makes a photo that the owner might not think useful to actually have extreme value.

To bring this subject to a close, look for the best picture you can. In the event that you don’t have one that displays your furry pal in the best way, choose a couple shots and send them along to the artist. And, most important, always send copies, don’t send the original image for the painter to make your custom pet paintings with.

5 Quick and Easy Tips on How to Take an Awesome Selfie

145With the release of Kim Kardashian’s new book “Selfish” dedicated exclusively to her selfies, it’s clear to see that the selfie trend is here to stay!

Who wouldn’t like selfies – it’s like a mini photo shoot where you’re the model, photographer, lighting director, makeup artist and stylist! Whether you’re posting selfies to show off your amazing makeup or your outfit of the day, here are some tips that are sure to have your Instagram followers double tapping and your Facebook friends pressing the like button.

1) Make sure the light is right! Lighting is one of the most important factors when trying to take a flawless selfie. Make sure the lighting doesn’t cast shadows (as this can draw attention to unwanted areas and make facial features appear larger, such as the nose) and try to avoid fluorescent lighting, as this type of lighting is universally unflattering and can make the skin look pale and lifeless. The best type of lighting to use is natural light, if possible!

2) Know your angles! It may take time and some experimenting at first to find your best angles, but it will be worth it! Try different poses and movements to see which ones flatter both your face and body. Knowing your best angles and how to work them is definitely an important factor when taking a selfie. Also, play around with the placement of the camera – you don’t want your selfie to be too close or too far away. A low placed camera angle is usually best to be avoided as it is an unflattering angle for most people.

3) Pick a natural pose! This goes hand in hand with knowing your angles – it’s best to pick a natural pose that doesn’t look too forced or awkward. Play around with head tilts, smiles, and facial expressions until you find the selfie that you like the best.

4) Use caution when choosing a filter! Filters are both amazing and a curse as they can completely change the way a selfie looks. Choose a filter that’s more on the conservative side that adds a flawless look to the selfie, instead of an extreme filter that edits the selfie so much that you don’t even look like yourself anymore. There’s nothing worse than posting a selfie that’s edited so much that people don’t realize it’s you!

5) Write a witty caption! The caption can be describing your makeup, what you’re doing that day, where you’re about to go, details on your outfit – pretty much anything goes! Selfie’s with a caption or description are just that much better than selfies without, and are more likely to gain likes from your followers. Double points if your caption is clever and funny!

How to Click a Perfect Photo of Your Pet

144Photo shooting a pet is not a small thing. You need to be an expert for that. In fact, you need to learn the photography. It is because unlike the human beings the parts are not camera friends and besides the sound of click will further make them scared. So here are a few steps on getting the right photo shoot of your pet.

Make Them Camera Friendly

It is very important to make your pet camera friendly. You can incur a few spoiled photos for that. Some of the pets like dogs or cats might even have a particular liking towards a certain photo or video cameras. So, you can take some of their photos from a digits camera and show them on the TV. Hence you need to make a schedule where you would snap and then put their photos on TV and show them full screen. It will attract them to the photos and whenever you will next take camera in hand they will be more than ready to give you the right pose.

Say Cheese

While we human being smile as soon as “Say Cheese” enters our ears, we cannot expect pets to react in this way. But still there are certain ways in which you can train them to react in a similar way. SO, every time you take a camera and want to take their photos say any particular word you pet can connect with. It might be “Tommy, Snap!” or “Pussy, Mew” or in case of birds you can go for certain sounds like kissing, or making sounds with your mouth. However, you need to ensure that in case you are using words you should give more emphasis on vowels rather than consonants.

Reward Them

Every time you take your pet’s photo you need to reward them. If it is dog you can give it the food that they like the most while in the case of parrots you can treat it to its favorite fruits or grains. It will make them happy and rewarded and next time they would be more than willing to give you the best pose.

Do Not Expect Too Much

Many times people’s expectations are just too high for the pets. With due respect to all your love and admiration towards your pet what you need to understand is that they we cannot communicate with them the same way as we can communicate with the human beings. So at times even after several attempts you need to be satisfied with 80% or 90% of your expectations because it is very possible that in an endeavor to make them pose to satisfy you 100% you might even miss the chance.

Take Help of the Technology

The technology today is so advanced that you can even time your camera in such a way that it can take the automatic snaps after every 2 or 3 seconds. That kind of camera would be perfectly fine for you as that will help you to capture 5-6 instances and thus you don’t need to worry if the very first photo does not come out fine.

Creative Wedding Photography a Great Idea!

143The wedding days are drawing nearer and you want some special photography to be done on your wedding. Everyone around you is giving you opinions, suggestions and recommendations but you are not really sure what to do. You are looking around for affordable, expensive, top and the best photographers in the area to get the best out of your wedding photography. Well, the best way to go about this is to go for creative wedding photography that makes use of everything from camera angles to the backgrounds and effects to make the pictures look extremely artistic. It is not formal photography – it is formal photography in its informally modern form.

When you are looking for a photographer you have to make sure that you find the best one because this is such a responsibility. You will be blamed and pointed fingers at for your entire life if you end up choosing the wrong photographer. Every time someone opens the album, he/she will blame you for the bad angles and lighting in the pictures. Through creative wedding photography you can make everyone excited and stunned at the same time. Creative artists are some of the best in the industry and take the wedding photography to a whole new level with their creative ideas and approaches.

What Will A Creative Wedding Photographer Do?

Here are some bulleted points on what a creative photographer can do for you with his creative wedding photography:

· He will use the latest equipment to take every shot professionally. With the latest equipment he can make small rooms look big and discolored walls look clean.

· He doesn’t work with the formal poses only. He will ask you to give some crazy poses and do some unusual stuff to get the pictures that amaze everyone.

· He doesn’t rely on the front camera angle only. He might take pictures from the roof, from corners, from behind the people and walls and whatever creative ideas he gets about angles on the spot.

· Many of his pictures will not even be the type of pictures you imagine. No poses, no meditation and preparation for the picture. He will take the pictures when you don’t even know and this is called candid wedding photography.

· He can use the latest effects to make your pictures stunning. He can blur the surroundings so your couple is the point of focus or use the lighting to emphasize on the best features of your face.

· From faces to feet and clothing to veil, he can dim or lighten anything you ask him to.

Creative wedding photography is the present and future of wedding photography and just the right way of coming out of those formal poses and stiff pictures. Loosen up and do a bit more with your wedding photos because it is you who’ll be laughing your heart out looking at those pictures in future.

Some Quick Steps to Looking More Photogeni

142Taking photos has become a familiar affair at any friends or family meet up. We love to take the best pictures and keep them as souvenirs that can help us look back at good old memories in life. However, looking good in real life doesn’t necessarily need to translate to looking good in photos.

The Importance of your Eye

The eye is almost always the center of focus for most photos, and determines the overall emotion and photo outcome. Even if vanity isn’t your intention, you still want to get your eye right in any photo.

• Keep the lashes curled, and apply light mascara around the eyes.

• Close your eyes, slowly open as you pose, and fully open when the photo is just about to be taken. This always ensures your eyes are fully open for every photo.

• Avoid red eye. Look at a light source for a few seconds to reduce your pupil size, this helps to mitigate the red eye effect.

• Smize, a term in modeling, which means to smile with your eyes. You want to avoid a disenchanted stare and ideally want to rub off some energy into the photos. Stretch your eyebrows slightly towards the temple of your face to smize.

• If you are tired, a few eye drops should do the trick and zest up your eyes.

Tilt and Twist

Avoid squarely facing the camera as far as possible. Tilt your body slightly away from the camera. Same goes with your face, never look at the camera straight, and a slight tilt works best. Tilting your head gives clarity to your features, such as your cheekbones and adds depth your look. Tilting your body also makes your body more lean and stylish.

Sleek and Natural Look

You want to avoid unnecessary exposure of body. The most common are the double-chin effect. To avoid it, simply tilt your chin down, and stick your neck out (Don’t exaggerate though, slight forward tilt only). Because of the slight gap you create your body will also look slimmer as a result.

Another feature to be mindful of is not to let your arms rest on the body, as it makes your arms bigger than it actually is. Instead, put your arms on hips or make sure your arm is slightly away from your body and not completely resting on it.

Bending your joints is also necessary and natural. In any situation where you are completely relaxed, you would notice that at least one of your joints will be bent, and never will it all be completely stiff; keep it the same for your photos. Experiment around with different poses, such as trying to bend one leg and keeping the other straight.

Use the left side of your face

It’s proven in the recent study done by researchers that the left side of the face was more attractive than the right. This may be an additional beauty tip you want to consider. But of course, this is simply a suggestion. Determine from your past photos what angle you look good in and recreate what works for your face cut.


At the end, even if you employ all the best tips and strategies, what is most important for being photogenic is confidence. If you are constantly worried about how you look, whether your blemish can be seen, or a pimple is obvious, or the gap in your teeth can be seen, the stress will show off and you won’t look good anyway. The best way to be photogenic is to be completely relaxed and confident in your look and pose.